Our rental booth is located in Avalon at the Boat Landing

Kayaks can also be dropped off at Little Harbor Campground

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Kayaks, Snorkel Gear and

Stand up Paddle Board Rentals


Little Harbor

Kayak Rentals



“The staff are really friendly, helpful and laid back. Gave instructions on how to use the equipment and also suggested routes for our kayaking trip. Really enjoyed the trips and would highly recommend.”
— therattus on TripAdvisor
“We had an overall fantastic experience. Our trip to Little Harbor was excellent and filled with entertaining stories and facts about the island. As a family, we had no complaints.”
— Laura C on TripAdvisor
“Super fantastic experience. We got our rental easily. The price was right. Very helpful and easy to get to as we exited the ship. “
— Cherie_418 on TripAdvisor
“A kayak is a kayak but it’s the service that makes the difference. The personal was very friendly and patient with our questions. The equipment for rent was good and the pricing was great. Highly recommended.”
— Richard T. on Yelp
“This was the best experience on the island. They were super easy going, helpful, and made our trip even better! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”
— Jessica K. on Yelp